Jess’s Favorite Royals: Caroline

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The Daily Caroline



The Daily Caroline




Hello there! I have loved the MPF for so long and I love the fact that there are some other people that share the same passion, so I decided to make this little Follow Forever.

I know there are not that many blogs related to them, but the few there are, are amazing and I love every single one of their posts… Here are my favorite blogs, and if you are interested in the Monegasque Princely Family, you wont regret following them :)

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Holy moly, you brought a tear to my eye (both eyes actually). THANK YOU!

See above.

[Princess Caroline] is such a little scene stealer, so happy and smiling, and she loves flowers. An old lady looking up at the balcony where the baby was being held by her father, said, ‘She should be called the Little Princess of the Flowers.’
excerpt from The Milwaukee Sentinel - May 15, 1958 (Hollywood, May 15) from Rupert Allan (who handled public relations for the birth and christening of the infant Prince Albert). (via gracefilm)


Partying Grimaldi style

Iggy and the Stooges were playing. Still trying to figure out how the hell that happened.

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Instant favorite ♥ Princess Caroline and Andrea Casiraghi


Prince Albert II of Monaco, accompanied by his sister Caroline and his eldest nephew, Andrea Casiraghi, attended the presentation and subsequent film forum film Albert I in Film” at the Oceanographic Museum.


Perhaps the "scheduled knee surgery" stems from the injury she sustained back in the early 2001?

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"I’ve never had such well-behaved models. It was delightful to see their faces while she (Princess Grace) was reading to them."

- Alejo Vidal-Quadras, 1961


Princess Caroline at the Rose Ball

Marry me, Caroline.